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Bishop Creighton Academy

Welcome to Year 3!

Last year's Year 2s have made the exciting jump into Year 3!

I wouldn't be doing our first full week in Year 3 justice if I focussed on a specific subject this week. Last Year's Year 2s have made the big jump into Key Stage 2 and Year 3 with minimal fuss. We have been able to hit the ground running with some fantastic learning and have already built an extremely positive learning environment. This has been created seamlessly due to the quality of work on display across the class. 

At the start of the week we explored the importance of 'having a go', always searching for improvements and valuing everyones contribution through listening to Vashti's story in 'The Dot'. We then had our own go. What a colourful display to be proud of so early in the year!

Our topic also exploded into life with a gruesome investigation of Pete Marsh's body, which dated back to the Iron Age. This sparked our curiosity and has led us perfectly into our study of ancient British Civilisations in our 'Who were the greatest ever builders?' topic. 

Hedgehogs or Hodgehegs!? Dick King Smith's 'Hodgeheg' novel has provided a brilliant stimulus for our first study of narratives with a familiar setting. We have had great fun using the knowledge we gained in the first chapter to predict what happens next. I have cruely left the class on a cliff hanger over the weekend as we get closer to 'Max' attempting to cross the road for the first time. What do you think of our creative Hedgehog display after a lesson researching these interesting animals?

With amazing displays of hard work in week 1 of Year 3, I can't wait to see the developments we make as a team over the next year. All of this and I haven't even mentioned our trip to the swimming pool for our first lessons. More on that next week. 

Have a great weekend everyone,

Mr Williams