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Bishop Creighton Academy

Conscience Alley

We used drama this week to help our understanding and learning in LIteracy

In Literacy we have been watching the short film The Lucky Dip. It is set on a pier at a seaside and thr story is about a small girl. On the pier is a building with an old dusty door with a notice on it saying KEEP OUT. We watched the girl walk up to the old door. What was behind? Will she go in?

To solve this problem the children used a drama technique called conscience alley. The children decided if she should go in or not and shouted out thier reasons as the girl walked down the alley.

The reasons the children gave for her not going though the door were

  • there might be someone behind the door who will hurt you
  • it might be dangerous
  • someone may be waiting to kidnap you
  • it says KEEP OUT

‚ÄčOn the other side were the children who said she should go through the door. Their reasons were

  •  your parents won't mind if it is only for 10 minutes 
  • there may be someting you really like the otherside that you can play with
  • it could be a great adventure
  • it could be magical