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Bishop Creighton Academy

Delicious Fruit Salad!

On Thursday year 2 made fruit sald in thier LIteracy lesson

Year 2 had a great time in Literacy on Thursday making fruit salads. They all had a chance to peel, chop, squeeze, slice and core the different fruits before putting them into the large bowls. While the children were preparing the fruit every time they used a verb or adverb they wrote it on the class interactive whiteboard. Once the fruit was ready the best part of the lesson was to share it out and eat it. Everyone enjoyed eating it.

On Friday we followed up the practical lesson with writing 'How to make a Fruit Salad' The children used  the photos and the words they collected the day before to help them write a set of instructions. At the end of the lesson we were very proud of the instructions we had written.

Go to our photos to see pictures of us making the fruit salad and examples of our writing.