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Bishop Creighton Academy

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Year 4 have been creating some fantastic gymnastics routines!

In our PE lessons, we have been working towards creating our own gymnastics sequences. We began our learning by thinking about different ways we can travel around the room! Everyone had a chance to experiment with travelling including hopping and skipping in lots of different ways. We also learnt that we can travel in a lot of different directions including sideways and diagonally. It was really fun to think about how we can make something as simple as moving around the room exciting in lots of different ways!

After we thought about travelling around the room, we then thought about how we can use our bodies to balance. We had to think about the different points on our bodies we can put pressure on and how this affects the way we balance. Our challenge this week was to try and balance so that our feet were higher than our heads!

We then worked in partners to create a sequence of gymnastics moves. In our sequences we had to include two different ways of a travelling and a balance. We all came up with some really fantastic and creative ideas!

We have had lots of fun learning how to create some amazing gymnastics sequences!