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Bishop Creighton Academy

Peterborough in the Past

A great start to our new theme 'Town Planners' this week.

This week we began our new theme for the half term. The children began by thinking about what they already know about Peterborough and things they would like to find out.

Artis - "Is Peterborough more popular than Costa Rica?"

Farzanna - "How many children are in Peterborough?"

Flori - "Are there more people in Scotland than in Peterborough?"

On Friday, we used the laptops to research facts about Peterborough in the past. The children were really interested to find out more about you named Peterborough and about the cathedral.

Ismaeel told us, "The cathedral started being built in 1118 so it is 900 years old."

The children are excited to use the information they found out for their work next week.

We are looking forward to the rest of our topic to find out how we can improve our city.