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Bishop Creighton Academy

Brilliant Bug Sculptures

Year 3 created amazing bug natural sculptures this week.

Inspired by the film 'A Bug's Life', which we have been studying in our Literacy lessons, we decided to follow in the ants footsteps and use natural materials to create our own bug sculptures.

The children spent some time looking at the bird the ants created in the film. They then designed their own bug sculpture and made a list of the materials they we need. We had a range from grass, leaves and stones all the way to feathers and soil!

We went onto the field and collect the natural materials, making sure they were materials already on the ground! We bought them back into the classroom to begin our sculptures. We used clay for the main body and then the natural materials created the features of the bugs.

The children had lots of fun creating their sculptures! Take a look at our photo gallery to see the children's sculptures.