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Bishop Creighton Academy

Marvellous Maths!

Year 3 have enjoyed a week full of maths.

This week Year 3 have enjoyed experiencing more maths across the curriculum.

In maths this week we have focussed on division. The children solved problems mentally and then using written methods. On Friday, we used what we had learnt over the week to solve real life problems based on bugs! We are getting much better at division.

In theme, year 3 were looking at sorting and classifying bugs according to their features. The children had great fun looking at the different bugs and sorting them into groups.

On Wednesday, half of year 3 joined with year 2 whilst the rest of the class went ot the Dance Festival. Whilst they were in year 2 they completed an exciting maths trail outside looking for different shapes and symmetry in the environment. In computing, the children looked at Dutch artist Piet Mondrian and the use of geometric shapes to create paintings. The children created their own pictures using rectangles. 

During our computing lesson back in year 3, we decided to combine ICT and French and create powerpoint presentations to teach the younger children the numbers in French. Children were great at recapping the french numbers and using picture representation to support younger children. We look forward to sharing our presentations with the younger children next week.

What a lot of maths we did this week!