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Bishop Creighton Academy

Year 2 and 3 Dance Festival

Year 2 and 3 had a great day out on Wednesday to City of Peterborough Academy to take part in the dance festival.

Some children from Bishop Creighton Academy in the 2018 dance festival at a school called the City of Peterborough Academy. Children from the school gave their time up and taught us a new dance routine. There were three other schools there from the Greenwood Dale Trust.

First, we watched the sports leaders perform the routine. We were put into groups called sun, rainbow, lightening bolts, stars and moons. We had about 10-15 practises. When we performed, we first performed altogether. Then we had a little competition. We did it two groups at a time. 

Then we went back to school and we went home.

I was so tired. I still enjoyed myself at the festival. 

Blog Post written by Aysha (Year 3)

The year 2 and 3 children had a fantastic day and did an amazing job learning the dance routine.