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Bishop Creighton Academy

Brilliant Bugs Big Bang!

Year 3 had a fantastic hands on experience to introduce them to their new topic 'Are Bugs Important?'

On Friday, we were lucky enough to have Barry from Zoolab come to our school to give year 3 a Minibeast session to kickstart their new topic. 

Year 3 had the chance to see, feel and touch a range of different minibeasts. We were told the names of the minibeasts and where they originate from. The children found out about minibeasts having exoskeletons and we got to feel these on some of the minibeasts. We found out what the minibeats like to eat and other interesting facts about them.

We were introduced to Deidre the African snail, Carla the Madigascan hissing cockroach, Steve the Asian forest scorpian, Max the African millipede and we got a special visit from the reptile Sophie the corn snake. The children were all given the chance to hold or touch the snail, cockroach, millipede and snake. Lots of the children were very brave when holding and touching the minibeasts.

We were not allowed to hold or touch the scorpian due to the pincers and its stinging tail. However, Barry showed us the scorpian under UV light and it changed colour. It was very fascinating.

We learnt lots about different minibeasts and enjoyed being able to see and touch them. We are excited to use what we have learnt in the classroom to help us with the rest of our topic.

Take a look at our photo album to see the children holding the minibeasts.