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Bishop Creighton Academy

Christmas Carols

What a spectacular carol concert from Year 3 and 4 today!

Year 3 and Year 4 took centre stage to deliver a fantastic carol concert to their loved ones.

We had a great turn out with faimily, which really lifted the children and bought more energy to their performance. Thank you to all that came!

The choir began by performing songs in a beautiful and angelic way for everyone. They sang in complete harmony and sounded sensational!

Then Year 3 and Year 4 took over with their carol concert. The readers did a fantastic job retelling the Christmas story in a loud, clear and expressive way! Fantastic job readers!

The children sang beautifully to some traditional Christmas carols. We had practiced hard and it paid off as they sounded beautiful. We were all so proud!

At the end we encouraged friends anf family to join in with the children to sing 'We wish you a merry Christmas.' This was a great end to our concert and got everybody in the Christmas spirit.

Well done Year 3 and Year 4, you did a great job!