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Bishop Creighton Academy

Big Bang Bulbs!

Year 3 embraced their Big Bang for their theme of Electricity this half term!

This half term our theme is Bright Sparks. One aspect of our theme is looking at electricity and how to create a circuit. 

Year 3 were set the challenge of creating a circuit to light up a lightbulb. They were given batteries, battery holders, lightbulbs, lightbulb holders and wires. They worked together in groups to use the different components to investigate a way to make the lightbulb light up. There were excellent coversations and fantastic teamwork all based around electricity. The children were so excited when they found a way to light the lightbulb. 

The children then experimented with how many different ways they could make the lightbulb light up and what happened if they removed a wire.

The children thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with the components to make a circuit. We had previously discussed the dangers of electricity and how to keep safe so they children made sure they were careful during their invvestigation. Year 3 are looking forward to finding out more about electricity.

Take a look at our photo album to see the children in action!