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Bishop Creighton Academy

Write like an Egyptian

We were excited to learn how to write like an Egyptian!

In our theme lessons we have been learning about the Ancient Egyptians.

This week we looked at the way Egyptians wrote and tried to decode messages they made on their Ancient tombs. We learnt they didn't write using letters like us but instead they used hieroglyphics. These are pictures to represent each letter, which the children found very interesting. Lots of the children were excited to tell me what they already knew about hieroglyphics from the homework they had been doing which was great to hear!

Once we found out about hieroglyphics the children took on the challenge of writing their own names in hieroglyphics. They all had great fun drawing each picture to represent the letters. Some children had a harder job than others depending on the length of their name! They then wrote messages to their friends in hieropglyphics for them to work out what was written. The children were enthusiastic and excited to get messages.

All the hieroglyphic names are now displayed in our classroom for the rest of the school to see!