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Bishop Creighton Academy

Growing Plants

Year 2 have been plantijng seeds

As part of our theme this term year 2 are learning about the importance of water for living things.

This week we have planted sunflower seeds, beans and cress. We have started a diary to record the growth of the beans over the rest of this half term, and to show the changes from a seed to a plant.

In the classroom we have set up an investigation with cress to prove that it needs water to grow successfully. We have put cress seeds in pots with just water, soil and water, water, soil but no light. We all made our predictions at the strat of teh week as to how the cress would grow and we are looking forward to seeing if our predictions are correct.

Our sunflower seeds we have planted in small pots whihc we put outside each day, and hope that teh blackbirds won't eat them.

Look at our photo gallery to see the pictures of us planting the seeds.