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Bishop Creighton Academy

Safer Internet Day

On Tuesday year 2 took part in Safer Internet Day

The children in year 2 spent some time today thinking about how to keep safe on the internet.

Now that they use reading eggs and accelerated reader daily they have their own user names adn passwords. They were keen to share their feelings about making sure they had logged off properly after they had finished os that noone would able to be able to go into thier account.

In ICT lessons we are using the internet to find out about different countries. Again they were confident in how to keep safe. They know that they mustn't go onto a website unless an adult has told them to and to switch the machine off if they see something they don't  like adn tell an adult immeadiatly.

We then had fun creating our own emoji and being part of the giveasmile for Safer Internet Day!

Our emoji's can be seen in our photos.