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Bishop Creighton Academy

Year 5 become reporters!

On Monday 4th November, Year 5 spent the morning as reporters working with Mary, who works with The Guardian newspaper and The Literacy Trust. 

We started by deciding in our groups who was going to be the Team Editor, Sub-Editors and Reporters and we all had lanyards to wear.  Mr McNally and Mrs Vernon were our Chief Editors and they looked great in their hats! 

Our first task was to look at a variety of news stories and decide which ones were true and which were fake.  There were some strange stories!  We had to consider what evidence we had to prove whether they were true and we discussed this as a class.  In our groups, we then researched one of the true news stories, about a 5 year old girl who was fined £150 for selling lemonade.  When we had heard interviews from people involved in the story, we then made our own news stories and presented these to the class.  It was an extremely informative morning and we all really enjoyed it!