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Bishop Creighton Academy

In search of Katherine of Aragon

An afternoon in Peterborough Cathedral for Year 5

On Tuesday 8th October, Year 5 spent the afternoon in Peterborough Cathedral, visiting the tomb of Katherine of Aragon.  We walked over to the cathedral (which some children thought was a long way!)  and firstly had a team photo taken outside the cathedral.  When we entered the building we had to be very quiet and thought the inside was amazing.  We walked down the aisle to find the tomb of Katherine of Aragon, because we have been learning about Henry VIII in our Theme lessons and we thought it was really impressive.  The tomb also had a letter and pomegranates on it, which we found interesting.  At the other side of the Cathedral, we also found a statue of Thomas Deacon and the tomb of Bishop Creighton.  A very interesting afternoon!