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Bishop Creighton Academy

Year 5 Go Back in Time!

On Wednesday, Year 5 spent the day at Lincoln Castle, learning about knights, the history of the castle and how people lived in castle.

We had an amazing day at Lincoln Castle!  We started off by making our own shields using different colours and emblems.  You can see some of these on our photos.

After that, we had a banquet, which was really entertaining!  Four of our class sat on the top table and were our king, queen, lord and ladies.  We all dressed up and some of us had to serve the food out to the other children.  Some of our class did a dance and then Barwar stood up as the court jester and told us all a joke!

The walk round the walls was super (although a bit scary at times as well).  We saw the keep and the portcullis on our way round and got rained on!  

After lunch, we got to try on knight's armour; it was so heavy!  At the end of the day, we tried jousting by running using a jousting pole and hitting a wooden shield - this was fun!

It was a really interesting, but also enjoyable day!  Look at our photos to see what we did.