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Bishop Creighton Academy


After our training we are now super heroes

For the last 6 weeks of the autumn term year 4 were superheroes in training. Everyday a new mission was set by mission controller Kamal Hymann from Aim a Little Higher, for the children to carry out. Each week there was a main theme which included looking at resilience, bravery, focus, communication, our super powers and kindness.

The children were keen to carry out the missions and learn more about themselves and the super powers they have and can share with others. They were surprised at how easy some of the super powers were to carry out, but how powerful they were to those they met. One of the simplest and most effective was the use of eye contact when you are speaking to and listening to someone else. They quickly adopted this power and can see the benefits of it already. 

Last Friday was their graduation into superheroes. The children dressed in their super hero outfits and Kamal led the event for us. He reminded the children about their training and told them how successful they have all been. Each child then received a certificate to remind them of achievement in becoming a full super hero.