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Bishop Creighton Academy

Awesome Adventures1

Year 2 have wrtitten awesome adventure stories 

For the final week on Adventure Story writing year 2 have written their own adventure stories starring Katie Morag. In their stories Katie Morag and friends visit the old ruinned castle. They have used fantastic adjectives, verbs and adverbs to enrich their writing. These are just some of the sentneces they wrote in their stories.

They were on the lush,  green grass.   Amina

They saw the sparkling sand and the clear,  blue sea.      Najma

They heard the waves crashing against the rugged rocks     Mateusz

Let's carefully walk into  that creepy, broken castle            Artis

On Thursday we were joined by some year 5s and 6s and we all read our stories to each other. They talked about the stories and asked questions. The year 2s then had to write 2 things that were good about the year 5 stories and give a suggestion on how they could improve their writing. Year 2s loved doing this and gave very good and honest feedback.

Look at our photo gallery to see the children reading thier storiest