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Bishop Creighton Academy

First week in Year 2

First week in year 2

The children have all settled into year 2 very well. They have come back after the summer holidays relaxed and ready to learn.

We have spent along time talking and writing about our summer holidays and sharing our news with each other. We are all very proud of our first piece of writing about the summer holidays.

In Numeracy we have been making patterns with numbers and counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.

Friday was the most exciting day. We had this terms BIg Bang to start our theme 'Hello, I'm here!' In groups we took part in a treasure hunt around the school and grounds. This was to help us learn about differnet parts of the school. We had to read clues to lead us to an area where we found a piece of our puzzle. We had 10 clues to follow and we found clues in different places including  the hall, vegetable patch, pond area and the year 6 tunnel.  At the end to find the treasure we had to put the pieces of card to gether to give us the clue. All groups successfully found and enjoyed eating the treasure.

This is what the children said about their treasure hunt.

'Near the pond  it was so much fun'  Sarin

'The treasure Hunt was so cool. I loved it'  Tyra

'I liked the hunt. I've never been to the pond before. I found some clues' Dylan

'It was fabulous. We found the clues'  Gemma

The children will use the information they learnt on the treasure hunt to help draw plans and maps of the school.