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Bishop Creighton Academy

Year 1 are minibeast hunters!

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Year 1 had a fantastic afternoon outside in the sunshine hunting for minibeasts! It was lovely to see all the children so excited learning about minibeasts and their habitats. The children used an identification checklist and were able to tick off when they had found each minibeast. The children hunted outside in the mud, in the grass and in puddles. We had a very messy but exciting afternoon. Here are some of the exciting things the children had to say about their learning;

Tyra- “I enjoyed hunting outside for the minibeasts, I saw 4 beetles hiding in the water, I didn’t know they went in the water.”
Enrika- “I learnt that caterpillars like the sunshine because they are always on the leaves when it is sunny.”
Flori- “ I learnt a new fact, ants can’t survive in the water because they don’t swim like us.”

Click here to take a closer look at our photographs from the minibeast hunt.

After the minibeast hunt, Year one were inspired to write all about their findings. Here are just a few examples of the children’s fantastic work.