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Bishop Creighton Academy

Egyptian Bakers!

We had a great afternoon transforming the classroom into a bakery!

Year 3 were transported back into the Ancient Egyptian times to think about the food they would eat. We learnt that bread was an important part of the Ancient Egyptian diet.

The children were given a recipe for Egyptian bread and the ingredients to make it. Using our learning skill focus of learning with others, year 3 worked together to weigh out the ingredients and mix them together in the bowl. Some groups were faced with the problem that their dough was too wet and sticky so they had to work together to find a solution.

"Add more flour," shouted Imaan excitedly!

Once the dough was created, we split it into portions for each child to have a go at kneading and shaping it. The table got a little bit messy with all the flour but the children were expert bakers and loved experiencing the baking for themselves! Once they had shaped their buns they finished it off with a sprinkling of cumin seeds. The children like the smell of the seeds and spoke about how people in their family use the same seeds in their cooking. 

Thank you to all the parents/carers that helped their children to bake their bread buns once they got home. Some children bought their buns back for us all to see the finished product and I was lucky enough to have a taste. They were delicious!

Take a look at our photo album to see the bakers in action.