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Bishop Creighton Academy

Egyptian Poetry

Year 3 enjoyed celebrating National Poetry day.

On Thursday 4th October, Bishop Creighton Academy celebrated National Poetry day. Year 3 were excited to write poetry linked to our theme 'Who were the Greatest Builders?'

As we are currently learning about the Ancient Egyptians, we decided to write poetry about what we have learnt so far. we read through an Ancient Egypt acrostic poem. It took the children a little while to spot the word going vertically down the beginning but we got there in the end. The children used their knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians to come up with some great poem ideas.

The children then chose their own Egyptian word and had a go at writing their own Egyptian Acrostic poems. They had so much fun and loved thinking of lines that begin with each letter.

Once their poems were written, children shared their poems with the class. It was great to see such detailed poems and the confidence in the children when reading them out.

Some of the poems were published onto Pobble so make sure you have a look!