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Bishop Creighton Academy

Mr Grinling - The Lighthouse Keeper

Yr 2 have written stories about Mr Grinling

Year 2 have really enjoyed the stories about Mr Grinling the Lighthouse Keeper.

After some drama sessions the children were able to write detailed descriptions about him and his wife. They then thought about  They have looked at his character and written detailed profiles about him. In pairs they decided on a new idea for stopping the seagulls eating the lunch, and came up with some imaginative ways. For their challenge some of them made models to show how they would protect the food in the basket. Well done to Grace who won challenge champion for the model she made of the basket.

This week we have been writing new stories about Mr Grinling using what they learnt about him from last week. Their ideas included him getting stuck in a ghost train, going down a helter skelter and getting stuck half way, have ing a picnic and the food being invaded by an army of ants. The children have worked really hard at their stories and are looking forward to sharing them with reception.