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Bishop Creighton Academy

Maths, maths, maths

Year 2 joined in the fun of Maths week

This week year 2 have experienced maths in different ways. On Monday the sun was shining so  we played number games out side. We practised numbers bonds and multiplication and division facts by making groups of children to show the correct answer. After this we tried making different shapes and numbers using our bodies.

We have explored the playground following a maths trail to  find different shapes and in particular ones that showed symmetry. It gave a great opportunity to reinforce learning on shapes and explain what symmetrical meant.

During our computer lesson we looked at paintings by the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian who painted a lot of geometric shapes. The children were given the task to draw 5 overlapping rectangles and colour in different sections. They were then asked the question – How many rectangles can you see? At first they said five but then they looked closer and realised there were a lot more. They loved this lesson and were eager to try it out on their families.  

In music we have been clapping and playing rhythms using different length notes. We talked about walking notes and running notes. The walking notes = 1, and the running = ½. They quickly realised that two running notes = 1 walking note which reinforced their learning about fractions.

Look in our photos to see year 2 enjoying maths activities.

It has been a really fun Maths Week.