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Bishop Creighton Academy

We are researchers! Part 2

Read about how our reasearch has gone.

We have continued being  researchers  and  have found out more amazing facts about owls. This week we have been putting the finishing touches to our Power Point presentations.

Over the past three weeks we have researched facts about owls and put them under headings. We have used the following headings

Where do Owls live?

What do owls eat?

What do Owls look like?

We have been really excited about our Power Point presentations. We have learnt how to add text and pictures to each slide. On each slide we have started with a heading and then added the answer followed by 2 or 3 pictures, again linked with the writing. There were lots of pictures we could see and we had to search to find the correct ones.

This week we started adding animation, which has been really exciting. We have experimented using the different animation features and now we have writing and pictures flying in, appearing, fading in, gliding up and slowly appearing in a shape. This has made our work more interesting and exciting to watch.

Next week we are going to be mini teachers and share our work with the other classes. We will show the children the heading and then ask for their answers before showing the rest of the slide.