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Bishop Creighton Academy

We are researchers

This half term year 2 will become researchers.

Our theme this half term is based on the poem The Owl and the Pussy Cat. We had a great afternoon listening to the poem and talking in groups about what was happening in it. Most of us liked the poem , but found it strange that an Owl and a cat would be in the same boat as they usually fight. The new words in the poem - bong trees and runcible spoon made us laugh, and we started to imagine what a Bong Tree would look like. Later on in the term we are going to make our own Bong Tree, so look out for our creations in a later blog.  

On Wednesday, we used the computers and became researchers. We had to  find  and research facts about Owls. We learnt how to log in and find a website and we were told about safe sites to use. We quickly got into pairs and started to find out about Owls. Did you know that there are about 200 species of owl! We were very surprised by that. We also found out about where they live, their appearance and what they eat. Over this half term we are going to use the facts we have found to make  a power point presentation on Owls.