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Bishop Creighton Academy

Bring your bike to school day

The Big Bang for our theme Mrs Armitage on Wheels

Year 2 kicked off this terms theme with a 'Bring your bike to school day'. This morning year 2 had a fantastic time  riding their bikes and scooters around the playground. They enjoyed whizzing round in a large open safe area . Some children brought their scooters and were very keen to show off their skills and tricks.

This was followed by work in the classroom where they named the different parts of a bike and all the children learnt at least one new word. They labelled a bike and then wrote descriptions which included adventurous adjectives.

How does this all fit in with the theme? Mrs Armitage is a book character who rides a bike which takes her on alot of adventures. During the term we will be learning about early bikes and how they have changed and developed. The children will be writing stories about Mrs Armitage and her bike and then go on to design a new vehicle for her.