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Bishop Creighton Academy

Harvest Celebrations

Year 2 entertained the school with a dance

On Thursday we took part in the school Harvest Festival.

Year 2 performed a Harvest/ Autumn dance using alot of their work from this half terms dance lessons.

All the children performed fantastically and had super big smiles. I was very proud of them all.

This is what some of the children said about their performance in the assembly.

'When Mrs Baldock said year 2 stand up I felt really shy and nervous. I was nervous at first but them half way through it went.' Aran

'When we finished the dance I was really nervous' Frankie

'Our dance was colourful and red because we waved the colours up and down' Alfie

'I thought our dance was fantastic because I liked spinning around' Ishwa

'We worked really hard because we had to wave material, sing the song and do the movements. I really liked doing the dance. I was proud of year 2' Okan