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Bishop Creighton Academy


"Play isn't a luxury, its a necessity"


After- school Circuit Club got off to a cracking start this week! Our little penguins and brown bears were jumping for joy at the sight of all the soft play equipment!
There were lots of opportunities for our youngest children to enjoy the opportunities and explore with their friends. Play at this age has such an important role in the development and
learning of our children. It was wonderful to see them so enthused and engaged by all the different apparatus they could play with. Soft Play provides our children with the opportunity to 
strengthen their fine and gross motor skills, both of which are very important for children to be able to write correctly. The activities also help the children to learn to problem solve early on.
They are able to create new ways of thinking and decide how they can approach an opportunity!
What a fantastic afternoon!
I cannot wait to see what fun we have next week.
Miss Ward.