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Bishop Creighton Academy

Kick the ball!


The brown bear class became professional footballers yesterday morning for the hour! They were so enthused and excited about the Pro kick event!
The children had to kick the ball as hard  and fast as they could so that they could reach the highest speed. They all tried really hard and wanted to do their best.
Here are some of the children's comments about their morning!
Aran "I feel proud because I was the fastest boy."
Dina "I tried my best and beat my score."
Frankie. "I am really good at shooting the ball fast."
After the event myself and the children spoke about why we had completed the event and they now understand what sponsorship means!
Thank you for all the kind donations that will help support a fantastic cause. We as a school are very grateful. 


Please do take a look in the photo album to see the children in action!

Thank you.

Miss Ward and the brown bears.