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Bishop Creighton Academy

How to be a Superhero!

We have started on our 6 week programme to become Superheroes.

Today year 3 were introduced to the Super hero programme delivered by Kamal Hyman. This is a 6 week programme during which they will develop their own superhero powers. Each day they will receive a message from Kamal and be given a mission to carry out.

 During an assembly they discovered the characteristics of a super hero – bravery,  resilience, my super power, kindness, focus and communication.                                     

 After an inspirational assembly when the programme was explained they had the first mission given to them. In the classroom they thought about the benefits of being brave, and how bravery can help a super hero. Once they had filled in today’s mission in their booklets they shared their ideas with each other.

The children were asked "What are the benefits of being brave?".  Here are some of their responses.

believe in yourself

help each other

gain courage

don't give up

try to di what you've never done before

speaking up for yourself


face your fears

The children were really enthused by the visit from Kamal and are eager to take part in the daily missions.

We are Superheroes in the making!