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Bishop Creighton Academy

Amazing Autumn Art

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In Year 1 this week, we were collecting conkers to help support our learning in Art this half term.
We walked around the field in the crunching leaves feeling excited that Autumn is finally on its way!
The children collected conkers and found that they were all different shapes and sizes. Some of the children were fascinated to see that the conkers were still in their shells.
Here is what the children had to say about their learning.
Ishwa " I love being outside to learn"
Tyrese " I have lots of conkers to draw now."
Samiul "I have 5 conkers in my hands."
The children learned something new when we were outside. The conkers are from a horse chestnut tree!
Next week we will be able to show you our wonderful art creations!
.Click here to take a look at our wonderful photos