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Bishop Creighton Academy

Zoom to the moon!

This morning Foundation Stage went to the moon!

With the help of StarLincs Mobile Planetarium, the children enjoyed a fantastic journey into space this morning.

There was great excitement as we walked into the hall to discover a huge inflatable dome waiting for us. Our first mission was to crawl along the tunnel into the main dome. This was very exciting for everyone, especially Chloe-May & Jake who were the door monitors. Their very important job was to count six children into the dome then close the doors quickly so that the dome didn't deflate too much before the next group went in!

Once inside we talked about how people make journeys such as by foot, bike/scooter, car, train, plane. We then moved on to thinking about how to get to space/the moon, but we all knew that a rocket was needed for that very special journey! Did you know that it took Tim Peake 6 hours to get to the Internation Space Station? If you wanted to get to the moon it would take 3 days!

Talking of Tim Peake, did you know that he has been in Space for six months and will be coming home next week? We are very keen to write to Tim and ask him some questions about his expereince in Space. Keira told us all that the huge tank on Tim's spacesuit was to give him "fresh air so that he can breathe". She also knew that it was gravity that keeps us on planet Earth and stops us flying around. Well done Keira!

We learnt the names of the planets. Do you know what they are called?  Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

The highlight of the session was sitting in total darkness and exploring the night sky. Who would have thought there were so many stars in the sky that are actually millions of miles away!

We had such a fantastic time today and we can't wait to share our space adventures over the next few weeks.

Click here for photos of our session.