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Bishop Creighton Academy

Heavy or light?

This week we have been weighing different objects and finding out which ones are heavy and which are light.

We have had an exciting week learning all about measures! The children have enjoyed using the scales to compare the weights of different objects.
We began by putting one of our shoes into the bucket balances and finding objects in the classroom heavier or lighter than the shoe. Lots of the children were surprised that some of the big objects were lighter than the shoe and some of the small objects were heavier than the shoe. The children enjoyed finding their own objects to weigh against the shoe.
Some children were using bears to find out how many bears it took to make the scales balance. We put the object in the scales and counted the bears until we made the scales balance. It was interesting to see which ones were heavy and light and then putting the objects into order.
The children took the scales into the outdoor area and explored weighing stones, sticks and other objects they found. They were using the words heavy and light to describe the objects they were weighing. 
We have had lots of fun weighing!