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Bishop Creighton Academy

Near or far?

This week we have been talking about things that are near to us and those that are far away.

The classroom has been buzzing with children measuring. After talking about whether objects such as the classroom door is nearer than the playground, the children got to work measuring.

To start off we used our feet to measure the distance. Carefully the children walked by putting one foot right in front of the other. Did you know that our bug rug is 12 of Mrs Baldock's feet long and 18 of Samiul's feet? When asked how this could be, the children identified that they both have different sized feet, so the number of feet wouldn't be the same.

Other children used metre sticks to measure how wide the classroom was. Did you know that from the book corner to the creative station it is 10metres?

There has also been lots of exploring with tape measures and metre sticks. The children have loved comparing themselves to the length of a metre stick and were disappointed that nobody in Reception class is shorter than 1 metre!

Outdoors the children have been letting cars travel down a ramp then seeing which one travels furthest.