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Bishop Creighton Academy

Easter bunny hunt

Today the Easter bunny left us a letter saying he had hidden some eggs outdoors!

This morning the children discovered a cuddly bunny sat in the classroom with a letter which explained that the Easter bunny had left lots of brightly coloured eggs in the garden. The children had to find one egg each then get into groups according to the colour of the egg found. Inside each egg was one or two words, which when put together made a sentence with the next clue to find the treasure!

The children hunted high and low then worked together to read the words and create a sentence. Once they had talked about the clue they went off exploring to find the treasure.

The treasure was a bag for each group containing a bar of cooking chocolate, shredded wheat, cake cases and some small eggs, We discussed what we could make with the ingredients before working in groups to make our scrummy chocolate nests.