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Bishop Creighton Academy

Tiger in a tropical storm

We have been exploring Rousseau's painting of 'TIger in a tropical storm' and recreated our own version.

Following our visit to Woburn Safari Park we explored Rousseau's 'Tiger in a tropical storm' painting. We liked how he had used different shades of green for the grasses and leaves. The red really stood out to us as being a bold colour. Initially one child thought it was lava from a volcano!

Hiding the tiger amongst the leaves and grasses made us feel like the tiger was about to pounce, but we couldn't agree on what! Some said another tiger, some said another animal that it was going to eat, some children thought the tiger was probably hiding under the trees because it was raining.

We had great fun thinking about what Rousseau was trying to portray in his painting.

For the jungle background we used different coloured tissue paper, bottle tops and buttons to give a 3D element and also some pom-poms which we thought were like flowers. We used black tissue paper which we scrunched up for the stripes on the tiger. We talked about how many animals are camouflaged by the colour of their fur/feathers.