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Bishop Creighton Academy

On Safari!

What an amazing day at Woburn Safari Park!

Today we went to Woburn Safari Park and met lots of different animals. We took a road safari where we saw rhino, wildebeest, giraffes, elephants, tigers, lions, black bears and our very favourite, the cheeky monkeys! We were all laughing at the monkeys who climbed aboard the coach and onto the roof. Some even had a peek through the sky lights!!

After the road safari we walked through the emu and wallaby enclousre before having some lunch. After lunch we looked at more animals - penguins, lemurs and giant tortoises then headed to the enrichment centre where we got to learn about which animals have fur and which have scales. We even got to touch real cheetah, zebra and snake skins! After this we headed to the elpehant meadow where we watched a demonstration of how the keepers look after the elephants and check to ensure they are fit and healthy. The highlight of this was standing by the fence at the end of the talk and touching the elephant as it walked past us. We were all so excited!

Before long it was time to head back to school. Some of us didn't last very long before drifting off to sleep as we were so tired.

A big thank you to our fantastic Year 5 Language Ambassadors for supporting the children by speaking in their home languages of Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Kurdish & Urdu.


Click here to see photos from the trip.