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Bishop Creighton Academy

What a busy week!

We have had such a busy week with lots of exciting things going on!

We are all really enjoying our animals topic. This week we have been getting excited about our trip to Woburn safari park on Monday 9th March. We have been looking at the maps of the park and deciding which animals we want to visit and the best route to take. We have also been writing lists of animals that we might see. Here's what Amina thinks she will see;

munceez (monkey)

tIgrs (tigers)

jraf (giraffe)

elifunt (elephant)


citun (kitten)


Our vets role play area is fantastic! So many children have taken on the different roles so amazingly well. The vets have seen animals with a range of illnesses from stones in their toes to a rhino needing his horn chopping off as he had been in a fight and got it badly broken!


On Tuesday we were visited by the school nurses who played some games with us to check that we are all fit and healthy. Everyone enjoyed playing the games and were particularly proud to show off their special stickers!