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Bishop Creighton Academy

We are in full time!

We are so excited to be in school all day long!

Today we were very excited to be in school all day long. It was the first day that the whole class had been together. Some children were a little overwhelmed by the extra faces, but others were very excited to see their old friends from pre-school.

After register and making sure we all knew what we were having for lunch, we bravely attempted PE! It took a long time for us all to get dressed, but we made it into the hall for a short exercise session before going back to get dressed again! We know we will get much quicker at getting changed - practice makes perfect!

After PE we played a sound lotto game in groups. We listened very carefully to the different animal or household sounds and checked our playing board to see if we had the right picture. We loved the game so much that we wanted to play it over and over. Mrs Baldock will make sure it is out for us to play all week!

Lunch time was very exciting for us all. Most children chose to have a school dinner. Today was cheesy pinwheels, hash browns, peas and carrots with a yummy dollop of ketchup. Pudding was a tasty biscuit with jam in the middle or some fruit. We tried hard with our cutting and made sure that we tasted everything on our plate. Even though some of us took a long time to eat, there were plenty of clean plates and happy smiling children at the end of lunch :0)

Several children felt rather sleepy this afternoon and settled down with a book in the reading area or chose a quiet activity like drawing or jigsaws.

We even helped to celebrate one of our classmate's birthday by sharing some chocolates that he had brought in to school.

Roarie, our class lion, was very excited to be going home with Tianna tonight. It is the very first time he has gone home with somebody from the class, so we are sure he will have lots of stories to tell in the morning.

Mrs Baldock met with some mums and dads tonight to talk about how well everyone is settling in at school. Lots of happy parents and children.


Phew, what a busy day! We are loving being at school and can't wait for more adventures tomorrow.