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Bishop Creighton Academy

Dinosaurs help with maths!

Did you know that dinosaurs are very good at maths? They have been helping us with 'taking away' sums this week!

We have used dinosaurs this week to help us with our maths. We all tried really hard and remembered some of the mathematical symbols such as = (equals) and - (take away).

We watched a dinosaur video about a family that went to a dinosaur museum. We then wrote their own facts about dinosaurs which we are making into a dinosaur fact book for our classroom. Its going to be great and we can't wait to read it!

This week we have also been very lucky to receive some brand new equipment in our class. We have loved exploring the new equipment and have particularly enjoyed using the new magnifying glasses to explore the shells. Aren't we lucky?!

This week the children said...

"I liked to play super heroes and write my sounds" - Aayan

"I was counting dinosaurs" - Amin

"I liked to do colour and counting" - Aminah

"We got new things and learnt new sounds" - Zainab