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Bishop Creighton Academy

Dinosaur fever in Reception class!

It's only the second day of term, but we have become very enthusiastic about our new topic!

Already we have been exploring the dinosaur den (role play area); digging for bones in sand then matching them to a silhouette; collaging large dinosaurs for display; making skeleton pictures of dinosaurs; writing signs to tell people not to touch a mystery egg that appeared in the classroom; and also making stories up using the toy dinosaurs. We have also written a list of questions that we hope will be answered as we learn more about dinosaurs.

"I love dinosaurs. They're my favourite thing in the world. I've got loads of them at home" said Charlie.

"Oh dinosaurs! They're just so cool aren't they?" said Courey.

"Dinosaurs lived a very very long time ago. They're not real now" said Rubi-Lee.