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Bishop Creighton Academy

Down on the farm

We have had such a fantastic day at Sacrewell Farm today.

Today we all headed off to Sacrewell farm for the day. We excitedly boarded the coach and enjoyed the changing scenery as we travelled from the city to the countryside. We enjoyed spotting several different animals in the fields as we drove along.

Once at Sacrewell we were all eager to see the animals! Half the class went off to feed the newborn lambs while the other half went off to explore the farm. We then swapped over and also had time before lunch for a very bumpy tractor ride too! The tractor took each group around the farm where we saw the fields being prepared for many different vegetables and fruits. We stopped to pick a leek and some sprouting broccoli. They were very kind and let us bring them back to school. We are hoping to be able to cook them to taste them too!

After lunch we enjoyed some more time looking at the animals before having a little play on the adventure playground.

A coach full of very tired children (and adults!) headed back to school just in time for the bell to ring for home time.

We all had such a fantastic day out. Perhaps some of us will be able to go again with our families soon..