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Bishop Creighton Academy

Ready, Steady, Go!...

The sun was shining and the children were full of energy. What an absolutely brilliant day year 1 had at sports day!

Ready Steady Go!
The sun was shining and the children were full of energy. What an absolutely brilliant day year 1 had at sports day!

To start the day, brown bears discussed a balanced diet and the importance of exercise. They all had super ideas to discuss and wanted to get outside and start exercising. Our word of the day was ‘energy’ and the children had to decide which foods would be the best to give them energy. We spoke all about the different types of food and which food group it belonged to.

Our little brown bears then designed their own healthy lunch boxes and decided what they would like to eat so that it was balanced.

Here are some of the ideas the children had about their lunch boxes.

Alfie “In my lunchbox I will have; sandwiches, crisps, fruit and a yoghurt with water to drink because it’s important to drink water.”

Anna  “I would like chocolate in my lunchbox, with fruit and salad with pasta to make me have lots of energy. I want milk too to make my teeth strong.”


Our Orange and Green group designed their own weekly eating plan! They decided what they would have for; Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner! I was really impressed with their ideas and understanding of all the different food groups.

At 10.00 it was time for the activities to begin! Brown Bear class made their way around lots of different activities. These included; a sports quiz, a penalty shoot-out, javelin, beanbag shuttle, long jump, a hockey dribble and the incredible YDP football dartboard! The children had an absolutely fantastic time competing against each other and were really supportive to their peers.

At 12.15 the children then joined their parents for a picnic on the field. It was lovely to see so many children enjoying a picnic with their parents and families. Once lunch was finished it was time for the track races. Year 1 completed the beanbag race and then a sprint. They all tried so hard and persevered when things didn’t go as planned. Well done Brown Bears! What a super day we had together. I was so proud of you.

I am looking forward to seeing what fantastic writing and maths problem solving we can complete together tomorrow!