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Bishop Creighton Academy

Impressive Instructions!

What a first week back our little, brown bears have had!

What a first week back our little, brown bears have had!

Our new Literacy unit is all about instruction writing and the children were so excited to make ‘Jam Sandwiches’ and then write all about it. We have spoken about; why we have instructions, why we use instructions for different things and when we need to use instructions.

Year 1 had a go at being ‘bossy’ and using imperative verbs when making the sandwiches. Imperative verbs such as; Get, put, spread, slice, cut and eat were a few of the most popular amongst the class!

Here are some of the things, the children said about their sandwiches.

“I loved making my sandwich, I was so good at spreading the jam” Eimantas

“I wish we could make lots more sandwiches and different foods.” Emily

“I like writing when we have made something because its better.” Ines

“I like Instructions the best in year  1.” Ellis

They all worked really hard to use the skills they had been taught throughout the week to write instruction sentences ready for our big write next week.

Brown Bears, I have really enjoyed the first week back with you! I am so excited to see the writing that you do early next week.  Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to try your challenge all about writing a story set in space!              

Miss Ward :)