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Bishop Creighton Academy

Skegness Aquarium

We have had a fantastic trip to Skegness Aquarium. Read all about our adventures!

It would appear that arriving at school at 8.10am on a Monday morning caused great excitment amongst the children this morning. They were all eagerly clutching their backpacks looking forward to a day of adventure ahead. Once we had done the registers and been to the toilets we were ready to board the coach; after the anticipation and debate over what colour(s) the coach would be!

Once we were all settled into our seats we headed off to Skegness. For many children this was their first time going this distance on a coach. Several games of I-Spy quickly got underway and we took our minds off the long journey looking out for various things on the way. Seeing the Maud Foster windmill in operation in Boston was a highlight for many children and started a conversation about flour and what it is used for.

Very soon we found our way onto the main road into Skegness with the aquarium ahead of us. We got off the coach and made our way inside the aquarium to a very warm welcome from the staff. We went into a room where we played a game. This involved sorting a number of sea creatures into where they would live; Open ocean, Coral reef, Rock pool. This was great for conversation and we had some debates about where some of them may live. Serena impressed us with her knowledge of a shrimp and eel!

After our game we went to the large tank and watched a diver feed the fish, rays and sharks. We sat in awe at the size of the tank in front of us. It was such a delight to see the beautiful colours on the fish. We asked the diver questions by writing them on a whiteboard and he wrote back on his special diving board.

After watching the fish eat their lunch it was time for us to eat ours! After lunch we made our way back downstairs and went on our hunt to find a range of creatures. We had great fun finding out about the different creatures at the aquarium. One of our favourites was the octopus who was playing a good game of hide and seek!

We had such a fantastic time at the aquarium and were sad to leave. Hopefully one day we will return, maybe with our families.

Click here to see photos from our day.