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Bishop Creighton Academy

Update from Caterpillar HQ!

It may be half term, but our little caterpillar friends that we welcomed into class last week have been very busy!

Our 5 tiny caterpillars arrived in school on Monday 22nd May. The children watched all week as they ate the special food in the pot and got fatter each day, just like in the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

Mrs Baldock has taken the caterpillars for a little holiday during the half term so that she can keep an eye on them and keep everyone updated on their progress.

   This picture was taken Monday 29th May, 1 week after they arrived.

Today the caterpillars have all decided that they've eaten more than enough food to satisfy themselves and have travelled to the top of their pot to spin their cocoons! What a fascinating sight to see them hanging by what looks like ony a few strands! The caterpillars will stay like this for at least a week which should be more than enough time to get them back into class for the children to watch and wait for their beautiful butterflies to emerge. We will keep you posted when they emerge!