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Bishop Creighton Academy

How does your garden grow?

With all the excitement of Jack and the Beanstalk and the very large giant appearing in the classroom, we have been busy planting our own seeds!

This week we have planted tomato seeds in the hopes that they will grow big enough for us to eat at snack time before the summer holiday! The children were amazed at how tiny the seeds were, but have fingers and toes crossed that they grow very soon! Click here to see more photos of us planting.

Inspired by all of the growing we have been doing, the home elarning challenge for this week was to design and make a model of your ideal garden. The children have amazed us with their designs! The gardens have a range of fruit, vegetables and flowering plants as well as trees, ponds and climbing frames for little ones to enjoy. Click here to see some of their amazing designs. Who knows, maybe we have some budding landscape gardeners within the class!