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Bishop Creighton Academy

Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum...

A giant has set up home in our classroom...let's hope he's friendly!

The children came back after the Easter holidays to discover a large beanstalk and a pair of giant feet hanging through clouds! The role play area has become the giant's castle. Can you guess what our story focus is?... That's right, it's Jack and the Beanstalk!

The children have listenend to the story and have had great fun acting it out. We've used our voices in different ways for the different characters and I can confirm that there are some very mean giant voices within the class! 

In literacy we have been writing descriptions of the giant and Jack. We have also been writing labels for the different objects in the story such as the harp, eggs, hen, axe, beanstalk.

In maths we have used a giant footprint that we discovered in the classroom to help us find things longer and shorter than it. The children have really enjoyed this and have been able to put objects in order of size and use the language of shortest, smallest, larger, largest, tallest. We have also introduced rulers and tape measures to the children and they've had great fun trying to measure objects in centimetres. For some children this has proved quite a challenge, but they have all been very keen to have a go!

We couldn't read this story without doing some of our own planting, so each child has planted their own magic bean in the hope that they too will grow a beanstalk tall enough to reach the sky! I wonder who will grow the tallest beanstalk?! Over the next few weeks we will be closely observing our growing beanstalks and will measure them each week before filling in our bean diaries. Fingers crossed we may even get some beans to eat!

We will also be planting other seeds and watching them grow too. Earlier in the year we planted some potatoes and are waiting eagerly for them to grow so that we can make our own delicious potato salad. 

Using 2animate, the children have been learning how to make a short animation showing how a beanstalk grows. Here is Evelina's animation.

Here is Serena's animation;

Click here to see photos of our Jack and the Beanstalk learning so far.